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Mini raschietto manuale

Il mini raschietto manuale Slice® 10594 utilizza una lama più sottile e affilata rispetto ai nostri raschietti multiuso più grandi. È uno strumento compatto, ideale per lavorare in aree piccole o spazi stretti con angoli scomodi. Le lame di sicurezza in ossido di zirconio, molto più duro e resistente all’usura del metallo, finger-friendly® Slice riducono gli incidenti e diminuiscono i costi. L’impugnatura di questo raschietto in nylon resistente con cursore ruvido si adatta perfettamente alla forma della mano. La lama si ritrae interamente nell’alloggiamento quando lo strumento non è in uso e non si arrugginisce mai. La lama a punta arrotondata installata protegge da lesioni accidentali. Slice offre anche delle lame a punta e seghettate opzionali.

  • Tipo di lama installata: a punta arrotondata #10524
  • Impugnatura in nylon resistente con cursore ruvido
  • Meccanismo retrattile manuale con 1 posizione di raschiatura
  • Per mancini e destrorsi
  • Lama finger-friendly® che raschia in modo efficace
  • Riduce gli incidenti, diminuisce i costi
  • Non produce scintille, non conduce, non magnetica
  • Chimicamente inerte, non si arrugginisce mai
  • Non necessita di lubrificanti
  • 100 percento ossido di zirconio
  • Dura fino a 11,2 volte di più del metallo
  • Meno sostituzioni della lama = meno incidenti
  • Lame compatibili: 10524, 10525, 10523
  • Sostituzione lama senza uso di strumenti aggiuntivi
  • SKU #10594

Great for:

  • Working with challenging angles and small surfaces
  • Scraping wallpaper, glue, stickers, paint, residue, and adhesives
  • Increased durability and maneuverability
  • DIY household projects

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0,22 in

Material: GFN, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 2,49 in x W2,64 in x H0,42 in

Weight: 0.028 kg


  • Manual Mini Scraper
  • Blade Replacement on the 10594 Manual Mini Scraper


Will it Work as a Mini Glass Scraper?

The Slice 10594 works very well as a mini glass scraper. When you scrape glass—or any surface—it’s important to remember how Slice safety blades differ from metal scraper blades. Slice blades don’t flex like metal blades and they’re much harder than metal. In fact, zirconium oxide is much harder than glass.

The key is to hold the tool properly, so that the blade is completely flush. Both corners of the blade should be touching the glass work surface every time you scrape or exert pressure. If one corner of the blade lifts while you’re scraping, pressure will be uneven and you’ll risk scratching the glass below—remember; our blades are harder than glass and can scratch it.

When used properly, Slice’s 10594 is a superior mini glass scraper: it’s stronger, safer, and the blades last much longer than standard metal scraper blades.

Where Else Can I Use the Mini Scraper?

The Slice 10594 scraper has endless applications. As long as you have a flat surface that needs scraping, this tool can handle it. For larger surfaces, we recommend our utility scraper with our wider, thicker 10526 or 10528 blades. If you’re in the market for a tool that does detailed scraping, if your surface is small or includes awkward angles, this smaller scraper is your best choice.

Whether you use the 10594 as a mini plastic scraper, a mini paint scraper, or any other kind of scraper, it’s important to use the same precautions as you would with a glass surface: hold the blade flush, with both corners down, to keep even pressure and avoid accidentally scratching the surface below.

Always remember to fully retract your blade between uses. This protects you and the tool. While Slice blades are safer than traditional blades, any blade can cut and must be treated with respect.

How Do I Change the Blade?

To change the blade, first locate the colored latch at the top of the tool. While the tool is in use, this latch should be centered. Slide it to the side, into the unlocked position. If you’re unsure about which position is locked and which is unlocked, indicators are marked on the back surface of the tool.

Once the latch is unlocked, pull the tool’s front and back panels apart to reveal the inside of the housing. The blade is held in place by a small notch, which fits into the hole in the center of the blade. Remove the old blade and replace the new one, ensuring that the notch fits snugly into the blade’s hole. Put the front and back panels together again—this is easier to do if the slider is retracted so that the blade is fully inside the housing. Ensure that the panels fit together snugly before sliding the top latch back into the closed (centered) position once more.

What Type of Mini Scraper Blades Are Available for the 10594?

The 10594 Manual Mini Scraper ships with the 10524 Utility Blade (Rounded Tip) and is compatible with the 10525 Utility Blade (Pointed Tip) and the 10523 Utility Blade (Serrated).

How Do I Clean the Mini Scraper Blades?

All Slice safety blades are oil-free and chemically inert. Because you don’t need to worry about chemical reactions (including rusting), you can choose from a much wider range of cleaning solutions. The deciding factor will be: What kind of dirt or gunk is stuck to your blade? Use the best solution to remove what’s there and, of course, wear gloves if the cleaning solution warrants it.

No matter what you choose, cleaning and handling Slice blades is safer than cleaning traditional blades, due to our proprietary finger-friendly® blade edge. We offer more general information in this video about cleaning Slice blades. While our safety blades have superior wear resistance compared to metal blades (they last up to 11 times longer), it’s recommended that you clean your mini scraper after each use, as you would any tool, to keep it in good working order.