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Taglierino manuale per cartone

Il taglierino per cartone Slice® ha rivoluzionato la sicurezza grazie alla sua lama di sicurezza in ceramica e la sua impugnatura unica. L’impugnatura di Slice 10400 si avvolge alla mano, proteggendola dalla punta mentre fornisce l’angolo perfetto per minimizzare sforzo muscolare e fatica del polso. Questo taglierino manuale per cartone ha una profondità di taglio ridotta: questo minimizza l’esposizione della lama, proteggendo utilizzatore e contenuto della scatola. La nostra lama di sicurezza in ceramica brevettata ha un’affilatura più sicura delle lame tradizionali, sia in metallo sia in ceramica. Inoltre, le lame Slice durano fino a 11 volte di più delle lame in metallo. Non necessitano di lubrificanti, manutenzione e non arrugginiscono mai.

  • Tipo di lama installata: punta arrotondata #10404
  • Impugnatura in nylon resistente con forma ergonomica
  • Retrattile manuale con due posizioni di taglio
  • Per mancini e destrorsi
  • Foro per cordoncino
  • Lama finger-friendly® che taglia in modo efficace
  • Riduce gli incidenti, diminuisce i costi
  • Non produce scintille, non conduce elettricità
  • Chimicamente inerte, non arrugginisce mai
  • Non necessita di lubrificanti
  • Lama al 100 percento in ossido di zirconio
  • Affilatura che dura fino a 11,2 volte di più del metallo
  • Meno sostituzioni della lama = meno incidenti
  • Lame compatibili: 10404, 10408
  • Sostituzione della lama senza l’uso di strumenti aggiuntivi
  • SKU #10400

Great for:

  • Breaking down boxes and cartons
  • Opening boxes
  • Opening packages for gardening 
  • Dexterity issues – very easy to use

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0,33 in

Material: TPEE, GFN, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 6,97 in x W3,35 in x H0,72 in

Weight: 0.108 kg


  • How To Properly Use Slice Box Cutters
  • Breaking Down Boxes Quickly and Safely With Slice
  • Box Cutter Blade Replacement


What Is a Safety Box Cutter?

When manufacturers try to create a safe box cutter, most focus on handle design. At Slice®, we rethought both the handle and the blade. So while our unique handle keeps the blade away from your skin, our patent-pending finger-friendly®grind is safer to handle without gloves.

How Do I Use the Slice Manual Box Cutter?

When you buy a box cutter from Slice, you're introducing yourself to a completely different kind of tool. Our handles are designed to provide a cutting guide, protect your fingers, and minimize blade exposure. Your strokes are safe and controlled, with reduced opportunity for accidents. You're only exposing enough blade to get the job done without unnecessarily endangering yourself or the contents of your box.

What Materials Can the Slice Knife Open?

As the name suggests, our box opener is ideal for corrugated. As a safety measure, the Slice 10400 exposes only enough blade to cut through double-walled corrugated. If you require a deeper blade, we suggest you try one of our utility knives. Slice blades are durable and strong and can handle a variety of materials such as plastics, tapes, clamshell packaging and more. If you require a piercing action to initiate your cut, try our 10408 pointed-tip box cutter blades.

How Do I Replace the Blade?

When you search "how to put a blade in a box cutter" you get as many answers as there are handle styles. Many require outside tools, safety gloves, and a fair bit of time. Slice box cutter replacement blades are easy to install without tools or gloves. Slide off the tip of the tool and replace the finger-friendly blade. And because our double-sided safety blades last up to 11 times longer than steel, you'll be replacing them less often, further reducing your risk of injury.

How Long Does the Blade Last? Is it Breakable?

In independent third-party testing, Slice ceramic blades lasted an average of 11.2 times longer than comparable steel blades. That's because we use 100 percent zirconium oxide—an extremely hard material—for our blades. This harder blade material retains its edge longer. Our blades are also thicker than standard steel blades, which makes them less prone to breakage.

Besides our blades lasting an average of 11.2 times longer than steel, our ceramic blades are non-conductive, non-magnetic, and non-sparking. They’re also chemically inert so they’ll never rust. Not only that, but Slice blades are oil and lubricant-free. When you buy a Slice box cutter, you’re making a purchase that’s built to last.