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Taglia asole manuale

Il taglia asole manuale Slice® 10596 offre una scelta tra tre posizioni della lama prestabilite: completamente ritratta, parzialmente estesa e completamente estesa. La sua lama intercambiabile è chimicamente inerte, non si arrugginisce mai e dura fino a 11 volte di più rispetto ad una lama in metallo. La lama finger-frienldy® installata è sicura al tocco e facile da pulire in modo da non rovinare il filo da cucito o i tessuti. L’impugnatura leggera, realizzata in nylon rinforzato duraturo, è comoda, facile da usare e presenta un foro per cordoncino per mantenere il vostro 10596 sempre a portata di mano mentre lavorate. Non sono necessari strumenti aggiuntivi per sostituire la lama.

  • Tipo di lama installata: a punta arrotondata
  • Impugnatura in nylon duratura 
  • Per mancini e destrorsi
  • Lame compatibili: 10536, 10537
  • Lama finger-friendly® che dura fino a 11 volte di più di quelle in metallo
  • Chimicamente inerte, non si arrugginisce mai
  • Non produce scintille, non conduce elettricità, non magnetica
  • Non necessita di lubrificanti
  • Riduce gli incidenti, diminuisce i costi
  • Sostituzione lama senza uso di strumenti aggiuntivi
  • SKU #10596

Great for:

  • Arthritic hands, as it has a larger grip
  • Working long hours
  • Removing stitches from a variety of crafts
  • Creating detailed artwork

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0,59 in

Material: GFN, POM, stainless steel, carbon steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 5,75 in x W0,8 in x H0,33 in

Weight: 0.03 kg


  • Blade Replacement for Slice Seam Rippers


What is a Seam Ripper Used For?

The seam ripper definition extends, in a sense, to any tool that can cut stitches to open a seam. This is useful for any sewer that makes the occasional mistake (which is every sewer), as it allows the seam to be resewn without tearing the fabric. In addition to being a seam cutter, seam ripper uses also include doing detailed work in any fiber art, including removing individual stitches in crafts such as embroidery, leatherwork, and cross stitch. Seam ripper blades slide into stitches smoothly without pulling excessively at the surrounding fabric.

How Is a Slice® 10596 Seam Ripper Different?

We considered the question, “what does a seam ripper look like?” with fresh eyes and redesigned the handle and blade for a safer, more ergonomic seam ripper. Of course, we used our finger-friendly® blade edge to ensure that, while our seam cutter slices thread effectively, it’s safe to the touch and unlikely to cut skin. This safety feature is especially important when ripping out a long seam, as hand muscles get tired over time and that’s when accidents tend to happen.

Our 10596 and 10597 tools come with a rounded-tip 10536 blade installed, providing extra protection against accidental punctures. For those who prefer, a 10537 pointed-tip blade is available separately. Both blades are concave, with a tapered tip that slides between stitches and cuts thread easily without pulling on delicate surrounding fabric. In this way, the seam can be replaced without leaving unsightly gaps where the old stitches once were.

Our 10596 and 10597 handles are lightweight and ergonomic for easier handling and feature a lanyard hole to keep the tool close by while you work. Users can be assured of the durability of the handles, as they’re constructed from sturdy reinforced nylon and are designed for industrial use.