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Astuccio per attrezzi arrotolabile

I vostri attrezzi saranno protetti e pronti per il lavoro con l’astuccio per attrezzi arrotolabile 10478 Slice®. Lo stile minimalista ed elegante di questa custodia è sia moderno che funzionale. Dotato di 16 compartimenti con cuciture rinforzate, questo astuccio per attrezzi arrotolabile include anche grande tasca con cerniera lampo al di sotto dello strato con i compartimenti cuciti. Usate questa tasca per riporre strumenti più gradi o materiali flessibili come guanti. Trovate ciò che vi serve facilmente grazie alla tasca in tessuto trasparente rinforzato. 

Politenato all’interno e all’esterno per una maggiore resistenza all’acqua e flessibilità, questo astuccio arrotolabile è pronto per qualsiasi condizione lavorativa. Le cinghie regolabili sono protette da ganci in alluminio anodizzato. Il manico è dotato di una struttura rinforzata, che rende 10478  perfetto per lavori in movimento e per ogni posto di lavoro.

  • Realizzato con tessuto in poliestere duraturo
  • Rivestimento in PU che fornisce resistenza interna ed esterna all’acqua
  • Srotolato: 66,5 cm di lunghezza
  • Arrotolato, senza attrezzi: 19 cm di lunghezza x 36,5 cm di larghezza
  • Dotato di 16 compartimenti interni
  • Compartimento più largo: 10,7 cm, più stretto: 3,2 cm
  • Include 1 grande tasca interna con cerniera lampo
  • Cerniera, compartimenti e manico rinforzati
  • Ganci in alluminio anodizzato per maggiore stabilità
  • Cinghie regolabili per ottimizzare le dimensioni
  • Doppia cucitura per un uso intenso
  • SKU #10478

Great for:

  • Protecting your tools between uses 
  • Having your tools in one place 
  • Jobs on the go

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: outside - 100% polyester canvas with PU coating; inside - 100% polyester with PU coating w/water repellentstraps - 100% PP; clear PVC with reinforcement polyester mesh - 86% pvc+ 14% POLY

Dimensions: L 14,37 in x W7,2 in x H1,18 in

Weight: 0.335 kg


What Is the Roll-Up Tool Bag? How Will it Help Me?

The Slice® 10478 Tool Roll-Up Organizer keeps hand tools organized and ready. Unlike a traditional tool box, this style of organizer is lightweight, portable, and fits your kit perfectly. Whether you’re carrying just a few essentials or a full complement of tools, the 10478’s straps adjust to the correct size for you that day, keeping everything stable and protected. The bag unrolls quickly to show everything in its place, so you never have to rummage through a box and risk cutting a finger or scraping a knuckle. This organizer brings Slice’s approach to manufacturing—superior materials, modern product design, and excellent craftsmanship—from the realm of safety tools to tool accessories.

How Durable is the Slice Tool Roll-Up Pouch?

Our tool roll-up pouch organizer is made with the same attention to detail we put into all our tools. This starts with the choice of materials. We use durable polyester canvas for the body and reinforced clear fabric for the pocket window. In addition, the whole bag is coated with poly-urethane to provide extra water resistance and flexibility.

Materials are only half the picture, though. Superior construction makes this tool organizer last as long as your project list. Seams are double stitched and every tool slot is reinforced with extra stitching to ensure that the 10478 can endure anything you put it through, while keeping your tools safe. Smart design features include a durable pull strap on the inside pouch’s zipper for convenience when you’re wearing gloves or in a rush. To ensure a stable closure, we’ve used anodized steel hooks to fasten the straps.

Will This Tool Roll Bag Only Fit Slice Tools?

Slice tools fit very well in this rolling tool bag, but you’re not limited to a specific brand of tool. Both the tool slots and zippered pocket can carry most hand tools within size allowances.

The zippered pocket is 66 by 36 centimetres (or approximately 30 by 14 inches). The 16 tool slots vary in width, with the widest being 10.7 centimetres (4.2 inches) wide and the narrowest, 3.2 centimetres (1.25 inches) wide. Varying slot sizes are ideal to carry Slice tools such as the 10400 Manual Box Cutter or any combination of our utility knives or precision knives. The zippered pocket works well for smaller tools, like the 10515 Manual Mini Cutter, and for larger flexible items like gloves or rags. And since you never know what to expect on a job, don’t forget to pack a utility scraper in your tool roll bag!

Is This Tool Organizer for Home or Industrial Use?

The 10478, like all our tools, is designed with industrial use in mind. That means it’s durable and able to withstand tough, industrial conditions in all kinds of weather. But we find many people that learn about Slice from safety managers at work love our tools so much they buy them for home use. So why not have a handy way to carry all those tools? How will you use your tool roll-up organizer?